"We believe communication, collaboration and coordination between all stakeholders in cause-based initiatives is absolutely essential for solving local and global challenges effectively."
About Mojalink®
Mojalink's Social Grantmaking™ platform is designed to connect nonprofits with businesses, governments, foundations and other donors or sponsors that have mutually aligned goals and can help make their initiatives successful.
Nonprofits can create detailed, media rich proposals for their project and showcase what they are doing or plan to do across the network or publicly.
Donors are matched to projects that meet their giving profile and can connect and collaborate directly with project stakeholders.
The word Moja™ means 'One' in Swahili. Mojalink will become the one link between donors and nonprofits to Multiply World Change™.
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Management Team
Tyler Foreman - CEO & Co-Founder
A founder and executive to startups and established brands, Tyler has a proven track record for positioning and driving multi-million dollar organizations. Most recently his products were showcased by President Barack Obama as an example of American innovation and engineering excellence during a national address promoting high-tech manufacturing. Tyler brings a rare mix of both business and technical acumen to Mojalink. As a serial entrepreneur he is the founder of several software companies, his most recent resulting in a successful acquisition in the clean technology sector. Tyler is using his combined passion for business and technology to help Mojalink lead and scale development teams to deliver state of the art products for the greater good. Tyler holds a B.S. in Computer and Electronics Engineering.
Armon Moore - CCD & Co-Founder
Armon is a creative mind, with over 13 years of experience in digital media. He has been the visionary for hundreds of successful interactive experiences- many award-winning and globally recognized. With his unique ability to gracefully merge form and functionality into all of his works, Armon brings to Mojalink innovative thinking and creativity. He has always valued products that simplify life and that have a positive impact, so he is dedicated to creating an inspiring and intuitive product that defines the Mojalink experience. He holds a M.A. in Motion Media Design, Savannah College of Art and Design and a B.S. in Graphic Communications, North Carolina A&T State University.
Paul Burdick - Viscount of Development
Forged in the fires of Mount Hood, Paul has built software and services that have been used by millions of people around the world. Best known for being the lead architect during the development of the ExpressionEngine CMS and CodeIgniter PHP Framework, Paul has also worked with Fortune 500 clients building sophisticated websites and applications. Extremely passionate about technology and how it can improve the world, he loves immersing himself in the technical aspect of a project while still keeping a keen eye on the big picture. When away from Mojalink HQ, Paul is a Wilderness EMT and Outdoor Guide around the Pacific Northwest.